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We will make it simple and short. Everything people are writing in these "SCAM" reviews are 100% accurate.

We travel around the world for pleasure only and literally wasted 5 hours of our time at the Welk Resort in Temecula, CA. After deciding that not only is the resort and their affiliations a 1 star Motel, we would not be joining the timeshare program. We were promised a trip to Hawaii including Airfare and Hotel stay. As stated by everyone else, we have nothing but the run around.

Luckily we received our deposit back. Here is the good news. Welk resorts just opened a Cabo timeshare, and gave 3 nights 4 days stay (attending another presentation while there) which we are booking now. For all those who have been scammed rest assured we have a plan for you.

Upon entering the presentation we are printing out all of the bad reviews on various websites along with the Better Business Bureau.

We will hand them to salesman, along with our returned check and letter declining our Hawaii trip. Then tell them to *** off and leave.

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We are now in the midst of the run around. We just received notice that all the dates we want are booked, for the third time. I will be asking for a refund.

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