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Based on all the research I have did (after the fact) this place is a SCAM!!! So deceptive with their practices. I am the 58th person to file a complaint with the BBB because I am not going to stand for this.

I got my certificate through a timeshare presentation from the Welk Resort. HTOA took my deposit but never followed through. In December they claim they claimed they called me 9/16/10 & my phone was disconnected (same number 10 years). Yet they didn't follow through with an email postal mail or any alternate contact. I have called 6 times as well as emailed 2 times & faxed the email trying to address a reservation we had with them.

I was finally informed today by Monica Perez that the dates weren't available (3 weeks before I thought I was leaving).I was told I my certificate would be canceled (because they could not provided EXACT alternate travel dates and I didn't want to be in limbo AGAIN) & I was lucky to even get my money back because they don't have to give me anything.

I ended up speaking with supervisor "Nuvie" who told me the same thing Monica said, after she expressed her "compassion" to my situation & frustration. This is ridiculous. Because of this nightmare of a situation I am also terminating my relationship with Welk resort.


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I've been going thru the same thing for a yr now.I also talked to Monica.

After I pick a date they call me later and tell me to pick another date. I drove all the way to Carlsbad from LA.

I want something for my time.Did you ever call Welks Resort to see if they would help with this problem?

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